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Welcome, new faculty

This week, we extend greetings to our new one-year, temporary faculty:
This week, we extend greetings to our new one-year, temporary faculty:

Becky Hall, assistant professor of art; Lesley Davidson, assistant professor of accounting; Nicole Moore, instructor of human anatomy and physiology; Dawn Michelle Rogers, instructor in the Center for Field Biology; Amy Thompson, instructor of medical technology; Danette Young, instructor of human anatomy and physiology; Dr. Lisa Sullivan, assistant professor of chemistry; Katherine Bailey, instructor of scenic design and technical director; Emily Bergen, assistant professor of communication; Stacie Mumpower, instructor of communication; Barbara Peterson, assistant professor of clinical teaching; Dr. Tammy Shutt and Dr. Gary Stewart, assistant professors of educational leadership; Heshimu Thomas, instructor of early childhood education.

Danny Gilkey, William Kruk and Jimmy Pigg, all instructors of history; Dr. David Arnett, assistant professor of English; Jennifer Beckelhymer, instructor of English; Rebecca Beach, instructor of English; Tiffany Palmer, instructor of English; Elizabeth Braswell, instructor of Spanish; Shelly Gray, instructor of English; Charla White-Major, instructor of English; Julia Warren, instructor of mathematics; Ellen Smith, instructor of mathematics.

Bernard Flythe, Geier Visiting Professor of Music; Carolyn Henry, instructor of nursing; Nancy Beecher, assistant professor of nursing; Sharon Quigley, assistant professor of nursing; Loris Solis, assistant professor of nursing; Suzanne Woods, assistant professor of nursing; Michael McCullough, occupant of the Reuther Chair of Excellence in Nursing; Dr. Lynn Bowman, assistant professor of astronomy; Robert Ferrell, instructor of psychology; Dr. Albert Wuaku, assistant professor of sociology; Jean Purdom, instructor and program manager for construction technology; and Dr. Cecile Massé, assistant professor and manager of the Accelerated Bachelor of Professional Studies program. —Dennie B. Burke