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December 2, 2003

December 2, 2003

Two articles by Dr. Larry Hoehn, professor of mathematics, have been reprinted in “The Changing Shape of Geometry: Celebrating a Century of Geometry and Geometry Teaching.” The book consists primarily of reprints of articles that appeared in the Mathematical Gazette between 1900 and 2000. Hoehn's articles were “A Neglected Pythagorean-Like Formula” and “Pythagoras Inside Out.” In the Forward, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Douglas Hofstadter writes, “In this volume, there are many stunning examples of this deep phenomenon of flexible reperception and analogy based creativity, but I personally was struck by two lovely variations on the theme of Pythagorasone in the article by Hazel Perfect, the other in an article by Larry Hoehn.” The book, which was released by the Mathematical Association of America and the Mathematical Association (Great Britain), was published by the Cambridge University Press in 2003.

Andy Kean, director of the University Center, gave the keynote address at the Tennessee Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers conference Nov. 19 in Chattanooga. He spoke on the concept of having fun in the workplace without decreasing productivity or customer satisfaction. In addition, he presented a session on “Trolling for Passion” and co-presented a session on the “Customer Service Tackle Box” with Austin Peay alum Tim Amyx.

Head Coach Dave Loos achieved his 200th Govs coaching victory as the men's basketball team defeated Evansville, 62-54, Dec. 1 in the Dunn Center.

Dr. John Mitchell, interim director of education, and Linda Sitton, TECTA project director, attended the TECTA Statewide Steering Committee meeting Nov. 13 at Opryland Hotel. Dr. Barbara Nye, director of the Center of Excellence for Basic Skills at Tennessee State University, presented them with a framed poster celebrating TECTA's 10th anniversary.

Drs. Jerry Plummer and Roy Baker of the School of Business attended the Academy of Business Disciplines annual conference in Fort Myers, Fla., Nov. 12-15, 2003. Plummer presented two papers: “Computer Data Storage Transfer Rates: Fact and Fiction-What Should Business Purchase?” (co-authored with Dr. Tommy Meadows of APSU's School of Business) and “The United States Approach to Afghanistan and Iraq; A 21st Century Hegelian Dialectic?” (co-authored with Meadows and APSU grad Lea Ann Kinkaid). Baker also presented two papers: "Distance Learning and the Americans With Disabilities Act: Meeting the Challenge" (co-authored with Dr. Uma Iyer, assistant professor of psychology at APSU, and Dr. James B. Schiro, Central Michigan University) and "Self-Leadership: Encouraging Growth in Organizational Environments" (co-authored with Iyer, Schiro and Dr. Stephanie Newport, professor of management at APSU). Both Plummer and Baker moderated sessions at the conference, where Plummer was presented a “Most Valuable Professor Award” for his contributions to the conference over time.