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November 25, 2003

November 25, 2003

Dr. Eddie Boone, lab manager for the department of chemistry, and Dr. Todd Lafrenz, assistant professor of chemistry, attended Flinn Scientific's Chemical Safety Seminar in Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 17. The three-hour seminar and discussion addressed topics related to working and teaching in a chemical laboratory, including federal and state requirements for safety equipment, chemical storage and disposal; example accidents in teaching labs and subsequent appellate court findings; how to help students understand laboratory safety rules and procedures; proper laboratory ventilation, emergency response equipment and spill control measures; and professional standards and recommendations of maximum class sizes (e.g. NFPA, ACS, NSTA, OSHA recommendations).

Dr. Jack Deibert, associate professor of geology, co-authored a paper titled "Types of Shelf-Margin Clinoform and Their Role in Basin Filling" presented at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Seattle Nov. 5.

Gina Garber, digital services librarian, attended the CODI/HUG (Customers of Dynix/Horizon Users Group) 2003 Joint Conference, Nov. 5-7, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She also gave a presentation on electronic reserves in academic libraries.

David Lemons, an air conditioning and heating mechanic in the Physical Plant, recently spent four days in Memphis undergoing intensive training on the new Cyberstation front-end software, which will take over EMS control of most of Austin Peay's HVAC systems. Upon completion of the 26-hour training, Lemons received a Certificate of Training from Andover Controls. The control program, called Continuum, will replace the existing Control System Supervisor software and enhance communications with the existing Andover controllers, with greater potential for expansion. Lemons will take the lead in converting approximately 425 Andover controllers to the new system, as well as providing training for other Physical Plant employees.

Dr. Shirley Rainey, assistant professor of sociology, attended the 29th annual meeting of the Mid-South Sociological Association in Baton Rouge, La., Nov. 5-8, 2003. At the meeting, she organized and presided over a panel on Race Relations. She also presented a paper titled "The Political Economy of Racism: Addressing Race Relations in the 21st Century." She is a member of MSSA's Committee on Nominations and has been nominated to chair the Committee on Women in 2003-04.

Rip Watts and Heather Legg, both development officers for University Advancement, recently spoke to the Russellville Rotary Club on Austin Peay and Peay Pride. They have similar talks scheduled in December at the Springfield Rotary Club and Cadiz Rotary Club.