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Fort Campbell dips slightly but overall enrollment up

February 11, 2002
February 11, 2002

Final enrollment data at Austin Peay noted a 2.6 percent increase in headcount and a 1.05 percent increase in FTE. Soldier deployments and uncertainty drove down the headcount at Fort Campbell by 1.4 percent. Full-time equivalency was down by 0.2 percent. (Headcount is a reflection of actual number of students. FTE measures enrollment in terms of full-time, 12-credit-hour students. Two students taking six hours each equals one FTE.) Enrollments in other off-campus programs were also down. But the losses were offset by a sharp rise in main campus headcount (6.6 percent) and FTE (5.9). The increases brought the main campus headcount to 6,340, compared to 6,176 last year. FTE is now 4,957, up from 4,707 in 2001.

Correction February 18, 2002
An article in last week's “InnerAction” said that two students taking six hours each would be the equivalent of one full-time student (in university lingo, one FTE). That information was incorrect. The two students would need to take 7.5 hours each (a total of 15 hours) to represent the equivalent of one full-time student. Thanks to Elizabeth Ivey for the correction!