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Austin Peay faculty includes number of published authors

September 23, 2003

APSU faculty take their writing and research responsibilities seriously, it seems. And their output includes not only journal articles but also books.

Twenty-four faculty members have published or are under contract to publish a book, according to a poll conducted through campus e-mail in August. Here's a rundown.
September 23, 2003

APSU faculty take their writing and research responsibilities seriously, it seems. And their output includes not only journal articles but also books.

Twenty-four faculty members have published or are under contract to publish a book, according to a poll conducted through campus e-mail in August. Here's a rundown.

Dr. Sharon Mabry's "20th Century Vocal Music" was published by the Oxford University Press in 2002. Called "a cogent and insightful book for singers and voice teachers who are just discovering this innovative music," the book offers practical instruction and advice and familiarizes readers with the new and unusual notations systems used by some contemporary composers.

Dr. Dewey Browder, history professor and chair of the history and philosophy department, has published two books: "Zweibruecken Yesterday and Today," was published by Pfaelzischer Merkur of Zweibruecken, Germany in 1976. "Americans in Post-World War II Germany: Teachers, Tinkers, Neighbors and Nuisances" was published by Mellen Press, Lewiston-Queenston-Lampeter in 1998.

Dr. David Denton, interim dean of the College of Social Sciences and Professional Programs, has signed a contract with Wadsworth, a division of Thomson Learning and one of the largest academic publishers in the country. The book is tentatively titled "The Psychology of Work" and is intended as a text for the introductory course in industrial/organizational psychology.

Dr. Michele Butts, associate professor of history, is the author of "Galvanized Yankees on the Upper Missouri: The Face of Loyalty," published by the University Press of Colorado.

Dr. Culley Carson-Grefe, of languages and literature, wrote a book titled Celine's Imaginative Space." Published in 1987 by Peter Land, it discusses primary clusters of images related to space, movement and the concept of time in the work of Louis-Ferdinand Destouches, a 20th-century French novelist.

Dr. John Butler's book, "First Highways of America," was published in 1994 by Krause Publications, the world's largest publisher of journals and hobby-related books, in1994. It describes how roads and highways were constructed during the period 1900 to 1925 and is illustrated by more than 250 photographs from that time. Butler is Professor Emeritus in the biology department.

Dr. Matthey T. Kenney's soon-to-be-published book, "A Theoretical Examination of Political Values in New and Old Democracies," examines the interplay between political values and the health and stability of today's liberal democracies. It draws on insights and arguments of leading political theorists, past and present, and argues that individuals who score high on the index of liberal virtues are more likely to discuss politics, participate in politics, resist authority, view democracy as the best form of governance and demand equality of opportunity for all. Kenney is an assistant professor in the biology department.

Dr. Allene Phy-Olsen, professor of English, contributed to a book titled "The Bible and Popular Culture in America," which was published by Scholars Press and Fortress Press for the Society of Biblical Literature, the academic organization of Greek and Hebrew scholars) in 1985. She also wrote "Mary Shelley," a study of the influence of author and "Frankenstein" creator Mary Shelley on popular culture, published by Starmont Press (now Borgo Press). Phy-Olsen also wrote "Presenting Norma Klein," a study of Klein's writings and achievements in developing literary realism in the young-adult category. The book was published by G.K. Hall in 1988 and more recently by Macmillan.

Dr. Bonnie Hodge and Dr. Debbie Cochener, associate professors of mathematics, are the coauthors of "Explorations in Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Using the T182/83/83Plus/85/86," third edition; "Explorations in College Algebra and Trigonometry Using the T182/83/83Plus/85/86," second edition; "Explorations in Precalculus Using the TI82/83/83Plus/85/86," second edition; and "Beginning and Intermediate Algebra with Graphing Calculators: An Integrated Approach." All four books were published by Brooks Cole, a division of Thomson Publishing.

Dr. Thomas Pallen, professor of communication/theatre, wrote "Vasar on Theatre," which was published by the Southern Illinois University Press in 1999.

Dr. Eric Paull, adjunct music professor, is the author of "Guide to the Euphonium Repertoire: The Euphonium Source Book." The book is described as "a definitive publication on the status of all parameters of the euphonium," and will be published by Indiana University Press by 2005.

Dr. Miguel Ruiz, associate professor, languages and literature, is the author of "La narrativa de Ramon Hernandez (The Narrative of Ramon Hernandez), published by Editorial Pliegos in Madrid in 2000. The book is a narratological analysis of the early novels of Ramon Hernandez, whom many view as one of the most dynamic and interesting authors of the "Generation of 1968" in Spain.

Dr. C. Wallace Cross, history professor at the Center @ Fort Campbell, has written a book titled "Cry Havoc: A History of the 49th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment 1861-1865." It centers on a Civil War regiment from the Clarksville area and complements his earlier work, "Ordeal by Fire: A History of the 14th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1961-1865." The expected publication date for the new book is February 2004.

Dr. Ramon Magrans is the author of "¡Hablemos español! (Let's Speak Spanish!)," published in 1993 in Cuernavaca, Mexico, now in its fifth edition. He also wrote "El indio brasileno en la obra de Alencar y Guimaraes (The Brazilian Native in the Works of Alencar and Guimaraes)," which was published by Editorial Gredos in Madrid, Spain, in 1995. Alencar and Guimaraes are key writers of the Brazilian Romantic Period.

Dr. Gregg Steinberg, professor of health and human performance, is the author of "Mental Rules: 61 Innovative Strategies for Unleashing Your Potential," a book for golfers that addresses topics such as using both sides of the brain ("The Einstein factor for golf"), keeping confidence during a slumping pattern and avoiding "a good walk spoiled." The book was published by Towlehouse Publishing in March 2003.

Dr. Carlette Hardin, professor of education, has written a textbook titled "Effective Classroom Management: Models and Strategies for Today's Classrooms." The book will be published by Merrill/Prentice Hall this fall.

Dr. Frank Parcells, professor of mass communication, is the author of "Using the Internet," published by Mayhaven Publishing. The book is an introduction to selecting an Internet service provider, setting up and configuring computers for online use and the establishing a business or personal Web site. Now in its third edition, it's scheduled to be released in January 2004.

Dr. Larry Hoehn is the author of "The Hoehn Families: From Runtzenheim to Friedenberg," published by the Lineage Press in St. Louis. The book is a result of more than 30 years of research and traces the Hoehn families from the 1600s to 2002 and from near Strasbourg to Perry County, Mo.
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