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Austin Peay Engineering Technology Program at Pellissippi State Community College

Let's Get Started!


Step 1:      Apply for Admissions


Apply For Admissions





  • If you have attended another university or college, you will apply as a transfer undergraduate student.  Important Transfer Admission information can be found here.  Deadline dates will be listed under Application Deadline - APSU Center @ Ft. Campbell.
  • The Admission Term will be the Austin Peay Center @ Ft. Campbell semester you plan to begin.  Each semester is 8 weeks.
    Fall I:              August - October
    Fall II:             October - December
    Spring I:         January - March
    Spring II:        March - May
    Summer III:     May - July
  • Planned Course of Study - Engineering Technology (BS)
  • Applying to the university is complete when Admission Application is completed and Admission fee is paid.
  • A letter from the Admission office will be sent explaining the next steps in the Admission process and if additional documents are required.
  • When you have been officially admitted to APSU, a letter will be sent letting you know you have been officially admitted to Austin Peay.
  • If you have questions about the Admission process or have not received an offical admittance letter, you may contact: 

    Marisa Canella
    1-800-844-APSU or (931) 221-1460

            Michele Stamper
            (931) 221-1424

  • If you are planning to use Finanical Aid, Veteran's Benefits, or other fee discounts/waivers complete the necessary paperwork by deadlines and important dates.  Questions about Finacial Aid or Veterans Benefits, contact APSU Financial Aid/VA office at 1-877-508-0057.  Questions about fee discounts/Waivers, contact Bursar Office at (931) 221-6285.
  • Tuition and fees will be the same as Austin Peay Center @ Ft. Campbell students. Your fees are listed under the "Civillian and Retiree" table unless you are active duty military or a family member (spouse or dependent child) of active duty military stationed at Ft. Campbell.


Step 2:  Choose classes and advisement


Step 3:  Registration on AP OneStop

  • Register online for courses selected during academic advisement.  Directions for registering can be found here.  If you have not been advised, contact Cindy Fowinkle, faculty/advisor at (865) 539-7398, or John Byrd, faculty/advisor at (931) 221-1474,
  • If you have difficulty during the registration process, contact Cindy Fowinkle,
    John Byrd or Registrar Office (1-877-508-0056 or 931-221-7150) for assistance.
  • Special note:  Make sure you have selected the appropriate semester since registration clearance is directly connected to the semester.  The semester should end with Ft. Campbell.  (ex. Fall I 2013 - Ft. Campb).
  • Once you have registered for a course, the course will be listed with "Web registered" beside it. 
  • If a course has no available enrollments, contact Cindy Fowinkle or John Byrd as soon as possible to discuss options.


Step 4:  Payment of Tuition and Fees & Confirmation of enrollment

    • Payments can be made online, by phone or in person (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 the Cashier’s Window located in the Browning Administration Building on the Clarksville campus). If you need help, call the Bursar Office at (931) 221-7682.

    • To make an online payment using credit card or ACH (electronic check):

      Log in at to pay your checking account information or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover).  AP Onestop

      If you are a parent or other authorized user wanting to make a payment for a student, please log in at

      Credit Cards Accepted

    • If Financial Aid, Veterans benefits, scholarships or another source is paying your tuition and it is not listed on your student account, contact APSU Financial Aid or APSU VA (1-877-508-0057 or 931-221-1462)  prior to making a payment.

    • If you have a fee waiver or discount that is not applied to your student account, contact the Bursar Office (931-221-7682 or 7671) prior to making a payment.

    • Confirming your Registration

      •Select "Student Account."

      •Select the option that begins with "Confirm & Pay or Enroll in a Payment Plan."

      •Select the term from the dropdown menu and click "submit."

      •At the top of the "Account Detail for Term" screen, select "Yes, I will attend" or "No, I will not be attending."

      •If you confirm that you will attend and do not have an account balance, you will receive a message that says, "Your registration has been confirmed. Your confirmation number is XXX."

      •If you confirm that you will attend and do have an account balance, you will be prompted to pay your balance or sign up for the payment plan. Once your payment is processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

      •If you indicate you will not be attending, you will receive a message that says, "You have chosen to not attend [specific term]. Your classes will be deleted."

Step 5:  Ordering Books

  • Your courses will probably require textbooks.  You can access the Austin Peay - Ann Ross Bookstore online here.
  • Under "We're On Schedule" select the semester you have enrolled then click "Select Term".
  • Select the course department.  (ex. ENGT - Engineering Technology) then "Select".
  • Choose the section number of the course you enrolled.  The course will be listed under a section titled "Your courses".
  • Click "View Textbook Results".
  • The results will include required & optional books, price (new/used purchase and new/used rental), textbook title/ edition/author/ISBN.
  • Purchase/rent books and materials for class.
  • Special note:  If you plan to rent textbooks, contact the Ann Ross Bookstore for book return dates.  (931) 221-7655 or 1461

Step 6:  Attending Class

  • Class location will be listed on your detailed schedule available on AP OneStop.  If you have questions, concerning the course (location, content, materials, etc.), contact Cindy Fowinkle at (865) 539-7398, or John Byrd at (931) 221-1474 or
  • For important dates during your course, refer to your course syllabus, the Academic Calendar for Fort Campbell semesters or Cindy Fowinkle.


Step 7:  Attend class, study & have fun


Austin Peay welcomes you as a valuable addition to the student community of Austin Peay State University!!  Have a great semester!!!