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Announcement Guidelines

The intent of TheGovSays

Austin Peay State University’s TheGovSays email provides daily campus announcements, minor construction updates and small messages of general interest to the University community. The intent is for the email to come out once a day, to limit excessive messages to faculty, staff and students, but construction updates and other urgent topics do sometimes merit a second message. To have your event or message included in the morning’s campus announcements email, you will need to post your event to the announcements page,, before 7:30 a.m. that morning. Announcements posted after 7:30 a.m. may not appear until the next day’s email. Because several events take place each day on the APSU campus, TheGovSays will not distribute messages promoting a single event. If you have any questions, please contact Charles Booth, assistant director of communication, at, or Bill Persinger, executive director of public relations and marketing, at

Who can post announcements?

  • University departments, offices and student organizations registered in the Office of Student Life and Leadership.

Who will post my announcement?

  • University departments and offices will designate a contact for the Web coordinator, who will be given an account with a secure password and will receive training to submit announcements.
  • Student organizations will forward announcements to their organization adviser/sponsor (must be an APSU faculty or staff member) or the Office of Student Life. The student organization adviser/sponsor will be given an account with a secure password and receive training to submit announcements.

What can be posted?

  • The APSU Announcement board is limited to announcements directly related to APSU and/or events sponsored by APSU.

Announcement Categories

  • Faculty and Staff: topics relevant to faculty and staff only. (Examples: Human Resources information, staff enrichment courses, training opportunities, retirement parties, etc.)
  • Student: topics for current students only. (Examples: tutoring hours, health services information, deadlines, etc.)

Posting Your Announcement

  • Determine the Announcement Category (your target audience), as stated above.
  • All announcements must be posted previously on the University Events Calendar. If your event is not posted, go to Add Your Event.
  • Required Information:

    Information you need to post your announcement

    • Subject: short descriptive title of event
    • Post-from date: date to start posting announcement
    • Post-to date: date to stop posting announcement
    • Announcement category: target audience
    • Description: Brief description of event (limited to 400 characters)
    • Web address: Web address for full details Example:
    • Contact information: organization name, contact person, phone number and email address.

Note: University departments and individuals who submit events are responsible for the content of their submissions. The Web coordinator reserves the right to edit event submissions for accuracy and compliance with Austin Peay State University policies as well as local, state, and federal laws.

Before submitting your announcement, please review it for accuracy. The announcement will be posted immediately! To change an incorrect posting, find your announcement by clicking on the various lists of announcements in the left-hand navigation on this page. Click on the title of your announcement and then on the "Edit" tab to make changes. If you have any difficulties, please contact Public Relations.