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What is F.A.M.?

Joining the Future Alumni Members (F.A.M.) is your first step in a lifelong relationship with Austin Peay State University. F.A.M. will enhance your college experience and provide you opportunities for personal growth, while interacting with APSU alumni and other students.

Being a part of the F.A.M. gives you a first glimpse of all the benefits that the APSU National Alumni Association offers, while you’re still in school. Join now and take advantage of the great opportunities that F.A.M. has to offer!

As a F.A.M. Member you’ll enjoy:

  • Early Registration for Gov Run (APSU’s color run)
  • Dinner with 10 Strangers
  • Ability to apply for Gov Run or Career Networking Committee
  • Exclusive Access to Career Networking Event
  • Homecoming Events
  • Community Service Events
  • Opportunity to apply for F.A.M. Officer positions
  • Network and develop relationships with APSU alumni and friends.
  • Invitations to special events and programs.
  • Opportunities to socialize with other students and APSU alumni through a variety of activities
  • The best part is that joining F.A.M. won’t break the bank. It’s absolutely FREE!

Do I have to graduate to be a member of F.A.M.?

You sure don't! We understand that tomorrow's alumni leaders are today's students. Because of this, we want you to be able to get a head start and experience what alumni life is all about!

How can I join F.A.M.?

Visit here to fill out a membership form:

F.A.M. Application:

F.A.M. Brochure


For more information, contact the Alumni Relations Offce at 931-221-1277 or e-mail

You can also find us on:



Peay Link: