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Event Posting Request Form

Please use the following form to request the Alumni Relations Office to post and/or email information to alumni regarding an event.  If your browser does not support forms, please send an email with the below information to


Format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Submit Your Event Information Below:

List the event information you would like posted and/or sent to alumni.
List the contact information for the event (ex. website, phone, email address).
Please check all of the boxes that apply.
If email blast, specify which states and counties you would like the information sent to (For example: All of TN and KY counties). We can email to any/all U.S. States and counties and all APSU Faculty/Staff Alumni. We can also email specific alumni groups (For example: Business Graduates). **Please allow up to two weeks to get some e-mailed information out. In order to send to specific groups, we must put in a request to gather those email addresses. Thank you for your cooperation.**