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Alumni Travel 2016-17

APSU Alumni, join us as we travel around the world to uncover cultural and historical treasures!

The APSU National Alumni Association is excited to announce our 2016 International trip schedule. We will be hosting two trips, "Discover Tuscany" with Collette Vacations and the "Wines of Germany and France"  with Dr. Browder. 

For more information, contact Rylan Kean at 931-221-1277 or 

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APSU Alumni Travel "Wines of Germany and France w/ Dr. Dewey Browder (July 6-17, 2016)" Information Session

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 6:30 pm

Pace Alumni Center at Emerald Hill 

RSVPs are requested at

Join us for wine and cheese as Dr. Browder guides us through our upcoming trip and answers any questions you might have. Alumni, friends, and community members are all invited to attend our trips. 

"Discover Tuscany, Italy" with Collette Vacations

May 12-20, 2016 - $3199 Double w/ flight (*Book before 11/13)

See the brochure: Tuscany_Italy_Schedule_.pdf

Visit the website:

"Wines of Germany and France" with Dr. Dewey Browder

July 6-17, 2016 - $3999 Double w/ flight

See the brochure here: Tentative_Schedule_APSU_Alumni_Wine_2016.pdf

Important dates: Payment Dates

The Wines of Germany and France:  A Journey Worth Taking

I love everything that is old;  old friends, old times, old manners, old books and old wines. - Oliver Goldsmith-

Wine improves with age.  The older I get, the better I like it. –Anonymous-

If you can identify with either of these quotes, the APSU Alumni Association has just the trip for you.  From July 6-17, 2016, we will be sampling the wines of Germany and France in situ with discussions on wine production and pairing with foods.  Along the way, we will see some fantastic scenery, enjoy stops at historic sites and indulge in local cuisine.  All ground travel will be by private coach.

Our culinary journey will begin in the romantic old German city of Heidelberg where the university has dominated local life since 1386.  Our welcome dinner will be in a local brewpub called Vetter, where besides good local wines we will also find the strongest beer in the world.  It comes in at just about 12%. Beer is not the point of our trip, but it is important in German culture, so you might want to give this one a try.  Martin Luther said “God made wine, but man made beer.”  It is earthy! Our stay in Heidelberg will include a walking tour of the old city with visits to the student prison, the Karzer, and the old castle.  Mark Twain called the Heidelberg castle the “most beautiful ruins north of the Alps.”

All the while we are in Heidelberg, the wines of Franken will be calling us, so after recovering from the trans-Atlantic flight, we will board our bus and head for Escherndorf and Nurnberg to try “the manliest of all wines,” the strong, dry, robust but fruity Mueller-Thurgau and Silvaner white wines.  The wines of Franken come in distinctive, fat-bellied  flagons called “Bocksbeutel.”  We will spend one night in Nurnberg with it medieval castle and walls.  There will be free time to just walk and shop or visit either of the two Documentation Centers that tell the story of the Third Reich and the Nurnberg War Crimes Trial.  You will want to try the traditional Nurnberger Bratwurst. 

After Nurnberg, we will visit the delightful, old walled city of Rothenburg and then have dinner and spend the night in a medieval castle that has been turned into a restaurant and hotel—Burg Colmberg.  You will remember this place for the rest of your life.  It is fantastic.

Upon departing Franken, which incidentally is so named for the Franks, the same folks who gave France its name, we will bus southward to the city of Stuttgart.  Stuttgart is home to both the Mercedes and Porsche factories, and it is also the home of the German Wine Growers Museum.  We will visit and taste there.  Three of the most popular red wines in the region are: the Spatburgunder, the Trollinger, and the Lemberger. There are blended versions too.

Next, our bus will head even farther south and westward to Strasbourg, France.  Enroute, we will visit a winery in Sasbachwalden, a place too tiny for maps, but with elegant wines that thrill the palate. We will move on with happy palates to spend two nights in the APSU campus/chateau, Chateau de Pourtales, in Strasbourg.  In Strasbourg, we will sample the wines of Alsace, the wonderful Riesling, the charming and versatile Pinot Grigio, and the mysterious Gewurztraminer that is sweet, dry and spicy all at the same time.  Our chateau, Chateau de Pourtales is an Enlightenment era chateau (built in 1750) inspired by Versailles.  Here we will participate in a discussion of regional wines and traditional food choices and sample the wines as well.  The city of Strasbourg is truly an European city with the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the Court of Human Rights.  The old city is built along canals and features a majestic Gothic cathedral.  We will tour the city on foot and by boat.

The Maginot Line ran through this area, and after Strasbourg we will pay a visit to  Schoenenburg, one of the best-preserved forts on our way to Trier.  Close to Trier is, perhaps, the most picturesque castle in Europe—Burg Eltz.  We will see this castle and taste the wines from the Mosel River region. 

The modern state of Rheinland-Pfalz is a major wine-producing area.  Mainz is where Gutenberg built and operated the first printing press with movable type.  The museum is definitely worth a visit.  We will take full advantage of our location and try wines from the German Weinstrase (Wine Street), the Nahe and Rhein River regions.  The wines from here are mostly white and lively, fruity and fragrant.  The German Wine Institute will be an interesting stop for all of us.  Of course we will take a cruise on the Rhein River, and then we will close out our trip with a farewell dinner at a local restaurant in Mainz—with wine of course.  Zum Wohl and Bon Appetit!

- Dr. Dewey Browder

For more information on the different wines of Germany and France visit: