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Membership Registration Form

 Important Information

  • The alumni membership card is good for one year from the date the alum signs up. So an alum that signs up in February 2013 will be active until February 2014.
  • As alumni renew each year, they will receive an updated membership card. Annual membership is $20 per person.
  • As participating businesses/organizations decide to be a part of our alumni program or decide not to, we will continue to update our list of sponsors.
  • If your membership card is lost, stolen or unusable, you may call the Alumni Relations Office and request a new one. Please note that replacement cards will cost $10.



Contact the APSU Alumni Relations Office at (931) 221-7979 or

APSU Alumni Membership Card Brochure Participating Businesses Insert

Alumni Membership Card Brochure


To sign up for your APSU Alumni Membership Card, please complete the information below or click on the above brochure and mail it to the APSU Alumni Relations Office.