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Undeclared Conditional Admits

Conditionally admitted students must complete established academic requirements (see below) during their first semester of enrollment at Austin Peay. Conditional Admit Academic Requirements:

  • Students must earn a 1.5 semester GPA or higher
  • Students must participate in academic strengthening requirements
  • Students must enroll for and remain in a conditional admit section of APSU 1000 (Fall/Spring semesters) or PASS 0900 (Summer terms only)
  • Students must enroll for and remain in required enhanced courses (ENGL 1010E or HIST 2010E) as determined by either ACT or COMPASS scores
  •  Students are encouraged not to enroll in online courses (section numbers with a W or R)
  • Students are restricted to a maximum of 13-14 credits for Fall/Spring semesters or 7 credits for the entire Summer

Conditionally admitted students who do not earn a semester GPA of 1.5 or better, will serve a one-semester academic suspension (may not be appealed).  If you return to APSU after the academic suspension period, you will be readmitted on probation and required to enroll in PASS 0900 (Promoting Academic Student Success), a noncredit pass/fail course.