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Fundraising Terms

Annual Giving -- a University-wide fund-raising program that solicits gifts on a yearly basis from alumni, parents, and friends. Annual gifts are generally expended during the year in which they are received and fall into one of two categories: unrestricted gifts, to be used as needed, and restricted gifts, designated for a specific purpose.

Annual Scholarships  --  awarded as contributions are received. Earnings do not accrue. Guidelines are established by the donor and the Austin Peay State Univeristy Advancement Office. Annual scholarship awards usually distribute all of the available funds each year and may be renewed annually.

Bequest  --  a gift provided for in a person's will.

Case Statement  --  a document stating the most crucial needs of a particular organization that warrant financial support.

Charitable Lead Trust  --  a trust that provides income to the charitable organization, with the corpus of the trust reverting to the donor or donor's family after a specified period of time.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust  --  a trust in which a donor transfers assets to a trustee subject to the right to receive a fixed percentage of initial net fair market value of property for life.

Contact Report  --  the report made to the prospect management office when a move is made or contact results in new or substantive information on an existing or potential donor.

Cultivation Plan  --  written plan of activities that will be undertaken to build a relationship with an assigned prospect. The result would be a major gift solicitation. Results must be kept up-to-date and reported to the coordinator for prospect management.

Deferred Gift  --  a gift whereby the charitable organization does not benefit until sometime in the future, according to conditions stated in the contract.

Endowed Scholarship  --  funds are invested in the APSU Foundation and remain intact in perpetuity. The scholarship is distributed with interest earned. An endowed scholarship can be established with a minimum contribution of $15,000.

Endowment  --  a pool of funds held by the Foundation which is invested to provide an annual income for the institution.

Foundation  --  a nonprofit organization, usually established for the purpose of making financial/philanthropic grants to qualifying persons or institutions.

Gift Annuity  --  a gift by a donor to a charity in exchange for guaranteed stipulated lifetime annual payments. The money goes to the charity at the donor's death.

Gift-in-Kind  --  a contribution of equipment, supplies, or other property in lieu of money.

Life Estate Agreement  --  a donor transfers title to a home or farm to a charity, reserves the right to live in/on the property and receives income from it. At the donor's death, the home/farm is the property of the institution.

Major Gift  --  a gift or pledge of $10,000 or more.

Major Gift Campaign (capital campaign)  --  an organized, intensive fund-raising effort on the part of an institution or organization to secure extraordinary gifts and pledges for a specific purpose or purposes during a specified period of time.

Planned Giving  --  the making of gifts to a charity, resulting from a planning process which considers the effects of the gift upon a donor's estate.

Pledge  --  a signed and dated commitment to make a gift during a specified period according to specified terms.

Pooled Income Fund  --  a donor transfers money/property to an irrevocable trust operated by a charity, receiving a share of income for life. Whatever remains at the donor's death is available to the charity.

Principal Gift  --  the gift of a lifetime. The largest gift a donor will make in his/her lifetime.

Probate  --  the "proving" of a will. When a person dies, the will is taken to the probate court to prove that the will is indeed the person's last will and testament.

Proposal  --  a written request for a major gift. A copy of all proposals must be forwarded to the coordinator for prospect management for inclusion in the permanent prospect file.

Prospect  --  in major gift terms, a prospect is an individual, foundation, or corporation capable of making a significant gift to the University or a particular program.

Prospect Clearance  --  an assigned opportunity for a college or unit to cultivate a prospect without competing solicitation from other units during an approved time period. Clearance is required for all major gift cultivation.

Relationship Management  --  a focused process of major gift prospect identification, research, clearance, cultivation, solicitation, and recognition to achieve specific University and college development goals and to nurture enduring relationships with donors.

Revocable Living Trust  --  a flexible agreement where a donor transfers income-producing property to a trustee and receives income for a specified period. The remainder in the trust at the donor's death is the asset of the charity.

Stewardship  --  a process of recognition that continues to convey appreciation to donors and enhances donor relationships.

Telemarketing  --  a segment of the University's Annual Giving Program where current students are hired to contact and solicit alumni and friends by telephone.

Volunteer  --  any person who works without compensation on behalf of Austin Peay State University on a temporary or continuing basis.

Will  --  a person's statement to the public regarding the disposition of his or her property at death.