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Office of Admissions

Facebook App

Want to meet classmates who have similar interests to your own?  "Austin Peay on Facebook" is a Facebook application that encourages heightened online social interaction of APSU new students.  It uses students' self-identified interest and questions to encourage organize relationships online.  It provides a safe environment (APSU Community members only) for group interactions within the app.

Getting Started

1) Log in to Facebook

2) Go to  You should see the screen below.

3) Enter your email address in the appropriate box; and click 'Join Austin Peay on Facebook'

4) Go to your email, and click on the link from Facebook.

5) That's it!  You are now a member of the growing APSU FB app community.  Join groups, make new friends, and talk about your interests

The APSU Facebook App is a great tool to get students connected to the university and the university connected to the students.


~President Tim Hall