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Who can join?

Membership in the ACM Student Chapter is open to all students enrolled at APSU. You don't have to be a computer science student to become a member. Students from all departments are welcome to join.

If you have an account at APSU PeayLink, you can join the ACM by puttting a request at and ACM officers should contact you soon .  

Or you can contact Dr. Coleman (Maynard 222) or an ACM officer to join the ACM Student Chapter at APSU. The membership fee is $10 per semester ($15 per academic year).

Why join our ACM Student Chapter?*

Industry contacts and networking:
ACM chapter activities such as lecturer appearances and chapter participation in regional, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), or international meetings afford the opportunity to meet other distinguished computer professionals.

Professional growth and continued learning:
A chapter serves as a gateway to forums, panel discussions, and symposia that further a student's professional development. Preparation and presentation of technical reports and papers and cooperative efforts on research projects allow students to test their technical expertise. Other venues for professional growth are the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, sponsored by IBM and the Student Research Competition, sponsored by Microsoft Research.

Development of leadership capabilities:
Opportunities for development and demonstration of leadership capabilities abound in the formation, growth, and sustenance of a student chapter. In addition to chapter offices, there are opportunities for chairing committees, conferences or symposia, organizing programming contests, coordinating professional development seminars, tutoring, and leading panel discussions and round tables, to name just a few.

Career development/opportunities:
The student chapter can help its members in career selection and preparation through its newsletter, career day programs, graduate school forums, participation in Special Interest Groups, and other meetings sponsored by the ACM. In addition, the student chapter can help locate and organize summer opportunities and internships.

Representation in the Association:
A chapter is an extension of ACM. It therefore influences ACM's activities and policies, which can impact the profession as a whole.

*Adapted from the ACM Student Chapters page.