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Message from the Director

Picture of Martin Golson
Martin Golson has assisted students at APSU since 2002 when he was hired as a peer tutor. He took over direction of the Academic Support Center in 2004. He served in the United States Army for 23 years before going into higher education. Martin is a Certified Learning Center Professional - Level 4, through the National College Learning Center Association.

Thank you for visiting our website and allowing us the opportunity to assist you.

The Academic Support Center exists for only one reason. We are here to help students achieve their educational objectives. We hope that as you work with our staff, you find that each person is committed to the success of the students at Austin Peay State University. Additionally, we are striving to help other students reach their educational goals through our Community Tutoring program.

Frequently, I encounter individuals who feel like either they should not seek our support or that we will be unable to help them. With that in mind, let me address some of the reasons for not seeking help that I have heard over the years.

  • I am in online classes/I live a long way from campus: You can’t come to see us face-to-face, no problem. We employ Goboard (an electronic whiteboard with video, chat, and voice capabilities) to reach out to students around the world. We also allow students to send papers to our Writing Center for feedback using our link online. Additionally, we have a number of resources available on our website for easy reference.
  • I am making good grades/I don’t want people to think I need help: College courses are demanding. There are few opportunities to make up a poor grade. For this reason, students with high GPAs are some of the first people to come see us each semester. We would far rather help you stay on path to an A than help you catch up after an unpleasant surprise on a test or paper.
  • It’s too late/I’m going to fail this course: While we hope that is not the case, even if it is too late to succeed this semester, it is the perfect time to get ready to succeed next time.
  • I work or have other reasons why I can’t meet with a tutor during the day: We are open in the evenings . If you can’t find a time that meets your needs, give us a call. We will try to work something out.
  • I have a disability or other special needs: Please give us a chance to assist you. Our staff works closely with Disability Services and others in our efforts to ensure that each student is provided with the opportunity to succeed.
  • I need someone who can work with me individually: We can do that. All of our writing sessions are one-on-one. We can arrange individual meetings for other subjects with a documented need for individual assistance. Additionally, students can use the Community Tutoring for individual assistance, but these sessions cost a modest fee.

Bottom line: We are here for you. I invite you to let us show you our commitment to your success.

Martin Golson
Director, Academic Support