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Student Resources

We are in the process of developing new content for this page to assist our students. Please check back frequently to see what new items are available.

Course Support

Guides and tutorials for Geology Courses
Guides and tutorials for Music Courses
Guides and tutorials for Mathematics Courses
Useful information for writing papers in any course

Software Assistance

Useful information on MS Excel
Useful information on MS PowerPoint
Useful information on MS Word

Other Resources

 Useful links
Degree Compass Information
Calculator GuidesHow Does My TI-84 Do That (for Statistics)
Basic Statistics on a TI-83/84
TI Website for Student
 MS Office ProductsMS Word 2010 Tutorials (Basic)
MS Word 2016 Tutorials (Basic)
MS Word Tutorials (Advanced)
MS Excel Tutorials
PowerPoint Tutorials (Basic)