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SLA Leader in History Students Studying SLA Leader In Front Of Class

Structured Learning Assistance

Students whose ACT/SAT or COMPASS scores in mathematics, reading, and/or English previously required completion of non-university level developmental courses (DSP) will now enroll in enhanced (E) sections of the following core classes:

  • ENGL 1010
  • MATH 1010
  • MATH 1530
  • Hist 2010 (for reading)

Enhanced sections are supported with Structured Learning Assistance and require that students meet 5 hours each week—3 hours for classroom instruction and 2 hours for Structured Learning Assistance. At APSU @ Fort Campbell, students meet 6 hours weekly for classroom instruction and 4 hours weekly for Structured Learning Assistance workshops.

The Frequently Asked Questions page is provided to answer questions students may have about SLA. In addition, students may use the Questions page to submit other questions about the SLA program.

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