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Scheduling a Tutor

The Academic Support Center provides scheduled, walk-in, and online support to students. Please use the following procedures for requesting scheduled tutoring sessions.

Scheduled Tutoring Sessions

Scheduled sessions are available in MX 124 for most core courses and in the Writing Center (located in the Woodward Library) for help with any writing or speech assignment.
To request scheduled tutoring:
Login to One-Stop  
Click on the STARS tabSTARS-tab-2.png
Click on the Home buttonHome-button-2.png

The first time that you login, the system may not be set to Central time. To correct this:

   * Click on your name to open the screen
   * Select Central Time.
   * Click on the "Submit" button.

Click on the "Home" button again. You will see all of your classes listed on the right side of the screen. Each class also has a link for scheduling tutoring.

Click on the tutoring link.

You will now see the list of tutors available for this subject and the times each tutor has available for the next week.
   * Find the tutor you want to meet
   * Click on the "Schedule Online"
      link for that tutor.
Select the appropriate week for your session by using the calendar on the left side of the screen.
Choose the tutoring session you want by clicking on "Sign Up" or the green dot.
Verify the session information.
Add any notes you wish in the "Description" box.
Click on the "Sign-up" button.
That's it. You are scheduled.