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Instructor Resources

The Academic Support Center is constantly seeking to improve the services we provide to the students and faculty at APSU. This page is provided as a service to faculty to provide easy collaboration with the Academic Support Center. Each of the links provided are a direct result of faculty input. We welcome additional suggestions for improving our services. If you do not see what you need, please contact us.


Writing Lab Support

  • The Writing Lab is able to maintain a file for each professor with the writing assignments the professor intends to use that semester. If you are willing to make your assignments available to our tutors, click here to submit a digital copy of the assignment.
  • Professors frequently either require or encourage students to use the Writing Lab for an assignment. We welcome the opportunity to work with your students. If you plan to require your students to use our services, it would help us manage our staff scheduling if you would click here to provide us notification of the assignment.


Don't cancel class. The Academic Support Center can cover the class period in your absence with a workshop related to being a successful college student.

The Academic Support Center provides workshops on a variety of topics. The workshops currently available are listed in the chart below. If you don't see specifically what you need for your students, please fill out the request form and provide us as much detail on the workshop needed as possible.

Introduction to Writing in (MLA or APA) Style1 hourAn introduction to college writing, this workshop typically includes instruction on planning the paper, using MS Word, avoiding common errors, and using either MLA or APA style.
Intermediate Writing in APA Style1 hourThis workshop is designed to prepare students to write papers for upper division or graduate courses using APA style.
Study Tips for A&P1 hourThis workshop is offered near the beginning of the semester to prepare students to study and organize their materials effectively for the A & P courses.
PRAXIS I Preparation3 hoursThis workshop introduces students to the types of questions used on the PRAXIS I.
GMAT Preparation (mathematics and verbal components)2 hoursThese workshops introduce students to the types of questions used on the GMAT. Separate workshops are provided for each component.
Learning Styles & Study Skills55 minutesThis workshop is available by request only.
Reviews for the final2 hours

These workshops are offered on Study Day. Current reviews available include:

  • Math 1010
  • Math 1530
  • Biol 2010
  • Biol 2020
COMPASS Preparation3 hours

This series of workshops provides mentoring, individualized computer-based instruction, and small group instruction in order to prepare applicants to APSU to succeed on the COMPASS assessment.