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Community Tutoring

In addition to the free tutoring the Academic Support Center provides for APSU students, we also offer one-on-one tutoring to the Clarksville community. This service can be provided on campus, in the Writing Center (located in the Library).

Schedule a community tutor online.

Tutor Matching Service

All Community Tutoring sessions cost $19 per hour.

All tutoring occurs in the Writing Center, which is located on the main floor of the Woodward Library at APSU. To find the Writing Center, once you enter the library, go straight back on the main floor. You will pass Starbucks. The Writing Center is passed Starbucks and has a large sign over the door. Click here for a map of the library.

The scheduling software provided through Tutor Matching Service allows for badges to be issued to tutors based on their qualifications. We encourage clients to familiarize themselves with each of the badges.

Badges that indicate training and experience: The Academic Support Center's Tutor Training program has been certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) as level 3 (the highest level attainable).

  • ASC Trained: This indicates that the tutor has received 10 hours of training through the Academic Support Center. The training focuses on basic tutor skills.
  • Certified Tutor: This indicates that the tutor has been recommended by at least one APSU faculty member, has received the training for the ASC Trained badge, and has completed at least 25 hours of actual tutoring.
  • Advanced Certified Tutor: This indicates that after completing all requirements for Certified Tutor, the tutor has completed 10 additional hours of training, focused on supporting diverse types of students and supporting students better within their subject area(s). The tutor has also completed at least an addtional 25 hours of tutoring, bringing their total to at least 50 hours of tutoring.
  • Master Certified Tutor: This indicates that after completing all requirements for Advanced Certified Tutor, the tutor has completed 10 additional hours of training, focused on Academic Support Center operations and leadership within the tutor profession. The tutor has also competed at least 25 additional hours of tutoring, bringing their total to at least 75 hours of tutoring. Most Certified Master Tutors have participated in training other tutors. This is the highest level of certification any tutor can achieve.

Badges that indicate subject matter Knowledge: The Academic Support Center may award badges for subject area expertise, based on a review of the tutor's transcripts. These badges are currently under development and have not been awarded yet. The badges indicate that the tutor has an average GPA of at least 3.5 in the subject area indicated, and has earned at least a "B" in each section posted in green (approved sections). These badges include:

  • MATH (includes Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Calculus)
  • Business (includes Accounting, Economics, and Management)
  • Sciences (includes Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Earth Sciences)
  • Writing & English
  • Foreign Languages

 Feedback and Refunds

Your feedback is important to us as we constantly strive to improve our services. You are encouraged to provide feedback using the following procedures:

  • Feedback forms within Tutor Matching Service (TMS): After each session, TMS will ask you to rate the service you received. This rating is important to other students who are trying to determine which tutor they would like to work with.
  • Tutor Session Feedback: This form comes directly to the Academic Support Center (ASC). We use this feedback to guide the training for our tutors. We may also use the feedback as part of our evaluation process for individual tutors. Click here for the Tutor Session Feedback form.

The Academic Support Center and Tutor Matching Service provides a 100% guarantee on the quality of the services provided. This means that you have up to 48 hours after the tutoring session to request a full refund if you feel that the services provided were unsatisfactory. Requests for refunds are processed through TMS.

 Additional Notes:

  • Transportation to and from all tutoring sessions is the client's responsibility.
  • Neither the Academic Support Center nor the tutors can guarantee any grade based on working with a tutor.
  • Tutors are expected to maintain academic integrity.
  • Tutors not associated with the Academic Support Center may post their services on the Tutor Matching Service site. Only tutors with one or more badges from the Academic Support Center have been trained and supervised to the standards of the Academic Support Center badged tutors.