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SLA Leader with Student and Certification

Academic Support Center

Our Goal Is Your Success.

We offer the following services to APSU students and the community.

  • Peer Tutoring: We provide FREE group support for most core courses to APSU students. We also provide reasonably priced individual support to the entire community. (Click here for the list of subjects supported for APSU students.)
  • Writing Center: Provides FREE individual assistance with any paper, for any class, in any writing style, for APSU students.
  • Workshops: COMPASS Prep., GMAT Prep., GRE prep., Writing, A&P, Using Technology, and more are available to the entire community.
  • Structured Learning Assistance: Originally designed to allow students to earn core college credit while removing academic deficiencies, SLA is now available for additional college courses, to help students excel.

For those working with the Academic Support Center, or interested in working with us.

We are always interested in your feedback about the service you received from us. Click here to leave feedback about your experience.

Students who need child care services in order to attend tutoring sessions should contact the Child Learning Center. They also provide evening services.


Last update: 7/12/2013