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Faculty Users Guide

How to Flag (Alert) a student in the “NEW” STARS system:

  1. Open the STARS TAB
  2. Select STUDENTS TAB 
  3. Open the ATTENDANCE TAB  
  4. Select the COURSE in question via the Dropdown box
  5. Check off the Student(s) you intend to Alert 
  6. Select the FLAG icon to begin the alert process.

[Please note that you may enter a comment about the alert which will assist Academic Alert personnel when contacting the student. To follow up on ongoing progress: Select the STUDENTS name from your course list. This action will open their personal STARS account and select the NOTES TAB]

(Note: If you are using an Apple product you may encounter an error message when attempting to access the STARS tab. To correct this issue, make sure your browser is NOT blocking popups for this site and attempt to relog in!)


  • To access the Academic Alert system and to send an alert to a student(s):
    • Log into AP ONESTOP
    • Select Web Self-Service
    • Select the "Faculty and Advisor" tab
    • On the menu, select Academic Alert Roster; this is separate from your class roster
  • Choose the appropriate semester or term; then using the drop box, choose the class and section by CRN number. The Faculty Academic Alert Roster will appear. (Below is an example of a "Faculty Academic Alert Roster")
  • Following the "Roster" heading is the course information and a list of the students in the class and section chosen in the previous step. Please note that beside each student’s name is a green box which contains a + sign.
    • To alert a student, click on the green box and a drop box will reveal the concerns from which to choose to alert this student. More than one concern can be checked. (See the illustration on the next page.)
    • Click on the appropriate concern(s), then on the submit button at the bottom of the roster. Submit must be clicked after each student’s entry.

Faculty Alert

(If "Inappropriate classroom behavior that is disruptive to learning environment" is the chosen concern, a separate email must be sent to describing the inappropriate behavior, or call the Academic Alert Coordinator at  ext 6555 with further explanation.)

Once the alert is submitted, a copy is emailed to the student, the AcademicAlert Coordinator and the instructor. (Below find an example of the email that the student will receive.) Additional information may be sent to the student by clicking on the e-mail icon on the far right.

Dear Test Student:


This Academic Alert report is your professor’s assessment of your academic performance to date. Please contact the Academic Alert Coordinator, Ms. Barbara Hanson, at or (931) 221-6555 as soon as possible. Your academic performance is important to us and we want to work with you to help you succeed at APSU. The Academic Alert Office is located in Marks 127.

Academic Alerts

CRNSubjectCourseSectionCourse TitleEstimated GradeCredits
3757APSU100006DLiberal Arts Univ LifeC1
  • Poor attendance
  • Habitual tardiness
  • Lack of engagement/participation in class
  • Late or missing assignments