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How Does Academic Alert Work?

What is Academic Alert?

Academic Alert is a proven tool in helping students get the assistance they need to be successful in their classes. This web based early warning system allows concerned instructors to contact low performing students via APMAIL of their concerns and to put the students in touch with the Office of Academic Alert.

The Office of Academic Alert’s staff knows the issues students have and will work with them to understand what steps may need to be taken to improve their grades and what resources on and off campus are available to help them.

How Does Academic Alert Work?

Academic Alert emails can be generated two ways. An alert can be generated at any time during a semester or term by a concerned faculty member through the automated web based alert system for one or more of the following issues:

  • Poor attendance
  • Habitual tardiness
  • Lack of engagement or participation in class
  • Late or missing assignments
  • Poor quality of assignments
  • Low tests or quiz scores
  • Inadequate/underdeveloped foundational academic skills (reading, writing, content background)
  • Inadequate and/or ineffective academic and study skills
  • Grade below a C.

Or, an alert can be automatically generated when an instructor enters a midterm grade of below a C. An alert generated this way will include the midterm letter grade of either a D or F.

Once an Academic Alert is submitted, an email is sent by the web based system to the student in question. Emails are also simultaneously sent to the Academic Alert Coordinator, the submitting instructor, the student's Academic Advisor, and to the Athletic Academic Coordinator, APSU 1000 and PASS instructors when appropriate to assure that contact is made with the student and appropriate help received. The student is instructed to contact the Office of Academic Alert by an email, a call to (931) 221-6555, or an office visit to the Alert Office in Marks 127 to discuss the issues and concerns of the faculty member.  Recommendations and referrals the Alert staff may make include:

  • tutoring
  • ways to improve time management and study skills
  • personal counseling
  • use of the Writing Center

Upon receiving their copy of the alert email, the Office of Academic Alert begins efforts to contact alerted students. First, by sending a course specific email which suggest resources available to students that correspond with their instructor’s concerns.

If the alerted student does not respond to the alert as instructed, the Alert staff may continue to attempt to make direct contact by

  • placing a telephone call to students with multiple warnings and alerts
  • mailing a letter to those with incorrect or no telephone numbers available in BANNER
  • requesting that an advisor or instructor ask the student to stop by the Office of Academic Alert
  • have a letter delivered to the student via the Residence Life Office
  • or leaving a telephone message via auto dial.

Who is Academic Alert?

Who is Academic Alert

The Office of Academic Alert is part of Enrollment Management and Academic Support which is responsible for the development, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of programs, services, and policies designed to increase recruitment and retention of students. Academic Alert is one of the services offered through Academic Support and works closely with its other components to see that students receive the help necessary to be academically successful.

The Office of Academic Alert also coordinates student success efforts with the APSU Athletic Academic Coordinator's Office, the Advising Center, New Student Programs (APSU 1000), the P.A.S.S. Program (Title III), TRIO, Adult and Non Traditional Center, Disability Services, Distance Education and Academic Support through weekly meetings.