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Summer Research Fellows Program (SRFP)

The APSU Summer Research Fellows Program provides an opportunity for up to 20 tenured or tenure-track faculty to receive an award of up to $5,000 to develop a research project (scholarly/creative activity), during a month of the summer, that may place them in a better position to seek external funding. This program is a collaboration between the Office of the Provost, the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research, and the College of Graduate Studies.   Awardees are announced by mid-March, and a “Congratulatory Dinner” is held in late spring. 


Summer 2013 Awardees

Carrie Brennan
Associate Professor of Chemistry
"Synthesis and Characterization of low TG tin Fluorophospahte Glass."

Chad Brooks
Professor of Biology
"Lyme Disease Vaccine Discovery for Dogs." 

Susan Bryant
Professor of Art
"Photo Alchemy: Continued Exploration of the Collodion Wet-Plate Process in the Digital Age."

Mark DeYoung
Associate Professor of Art
"Electron Cultural Foundation Participatory Design."

 Osvaldo Di Paolo
Associate Professor of Spanish
"The Beast Novel and Negrotico: Metamorphosis of Hardboiled." 

Kallina Dunkle
Assistant Professor of Geosciences
"Preferential Flow Paths in Complex Hydrogeologic Settings."

Dwayne Estes
Associate Professor of Biology
"Do the Leafcups (Polymnia: Asteraceae) Harbor Hidden Species? Using Genomic Data to Resolve Biodiversity in a Complex Plant Genus." 

Christopher Gentry
Associate Professor of Geography
"Growth Response of Douglas-fir to Coseismic Subsidence in the Red Canyon Fault Block, Hebgen Lake, Montana." 

Rebecca Johansen
Associate Professor of Biology
"Crayfish Systematics: Documenting and Describing Species Diversity and Evolutionary Relationships of Tennessee's Crayfish Fauna." 

Justin Oelgoetz
Associate Professor of Physics 
"Electronic Structure and Spetroscipy of Doped Tin Fluorophosphate Glasses." 

Robin Reed
Associate Professor of Chemistry
"Cyclic Nucleotide-Dependent Protein Kinase-Binding Proteins in Bovine Cardiac Tissues."

Daniel Shea
Associate Professor of Literature
"Rural Rides: Cyclling and Sightseeing after the Agricultural Depression." 

Tamara Smithers
Assistant Professor of Art
"The Cult of Raphael." 

Stefan Woltmann
Assistant Professor of Biology
"Population Assessment of Local Grassland Birds of Conservation Concern." 

Na Zhu
Assistant Professor of Automotive Engineering
"Acoustic Modeled Audio Extraction." 

Summer 2012 Awardees

Foloshade Agusto
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
"Theoretical Assessment of the Impact of Socioeconomic Conditions on Tuberculosis Transmissions."

Ayman Alzaatreh
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
"Generalized Cauchy Distribution and Its Applications."

Chris Burawa 
Director of the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts
"Democracy and Arts."

Mercy Cannon
Associate Professor of Languages and Literature
"Civilization and Scandal: Takin' Tea in the Early Eighteenth Century."

Paul Collins
Assistant Professor of Art and Art Gallery Director
"Exhibition Development Through the Independent Curators International Curatorial Intensive Program."

C.M. Gienger
Assistant Professor of Biology
"Thermal and Metabolic Responses to Climate Change in Vertebrate Ectotherms."

Tatsushi Hirono
Assistant Professor of Social Work
"The Role of Religious Leaders in Natural Disaster Relief: A Comparative Analysis Between the Clergy of American Chrisitan Churches and Japanese Buddhist Temples."

Alex King
Professor of Physics and Chair of Physics and Astronomy
"Tomagraphic Image Reconstruction Using Random Polygons."

Andriy Kovalskyy
Associate Professor of Physics
"Structure and Photoinduced Effects in Spin-Coated Chalcogenide Glass Thin Films."

Leong Lee
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
"Protein Secondary Structure Prediction using BLAST and Exhaustive RT-RICO."

Suta Lee
Associate Professor of Art
"Peripheral Vision."

Sergei Markov
Associate Professor of Biology
"The Novel Photobioreactor for Efficient Biodiesel Generation and CO2 Mitigation by Algae."

Rodney Mills
Assistant Professor of Agriculture
"Development of a Sustainable Beef Cattle Production System."

Kristofer Ray
Associate Professor of History
"Before the Volunteer State: New Thoughts on Early Tennessee History."

Billy Renkl
Professor of Art
"Approaching Thoreau, as He Returns From a Walk."

Jordy Rocheleau
Professor of Philosophy
"Justifying War in the 21st Century: Principle and Pragmatics."

Ann Silverberg
Professor of Music
"The Guzheng in Contemporary China."

Lindsay Szramek
Assistant Professor of Geosciences
"3-D and 2-D Vesicle Texture Analysis of Mafic Pumic from the 1999 sub-Plinian Eruption of Shishaldin Volcano, Alaska."

Antonio Thompson
Associate Professor of History
"Axis Prisoners of War Held in the united States and the Interpretations and Implications of the Geneva Convention."

Jason Verber
Assistant Professor of History and Philosophy
"Germans in the (Post)-Colonial World After 1945."