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Provost Lecture Series

Provost Lecture Series

The Provost Lecture Series is designed to foster a spirit of intellectual and scholarly inquiry among faculty, staff, students and the wider community. This series of lectures not only showcases the work of recipients of the Summer Faciulty Research Program, but also other members of the APSU community who have engaged in recent scholarly inquiry. 

Watch the Provost Lecture Series presentations live by clicking here. You can also watch previous presentations via iTunes U. 

2013-2014 Lectures

Fall Semester 2013LocationPresenter
September 5, 2013UC 303Carrie Brennan
September 12, 2013UC 303Na Zhu
September 26, 2013UC 303Barry Jones
October 3, 2013UC 303Susan Bryant
October 17, 2013UC 303Mark DeYoung
October 24, 2013UC 303Christopher Burawa
October 31, 2013UC 303Daniel Shea
November 7, 2013UC 303Carol Baskauf
November 14, 2013UC 303Kallina Dunkle
November 21, 2013UC 303Dwayne Estes
November 25, 2013UC 303Chad Brooks
Spring Semester 2014
January 23, 2014UC 303Christopher Gentry
January 30, 2014UC 303Rod Mills
February 6, 2014UC 303Rebecca Johansen
February 13, 2014UC 303Stephen Truhon
February 20, 2014UC 303Justin Oelgoetz
March 6, 2014UC 303Robin Reed
March 20, 2014UC 303Osvaldo Di Paolo
March 27, 2014UC 103CAlex King
April 3, 2014UC 303Tamara Smithers
April 17, 2014UC 308Stefan Woltmann