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Predictive Analytics, Workflows, Dashboards and Mobile Apps

Our campus has a wealth of information which if mobilized and analyzed can help timely and informed decisions to be made. Over the last year the Office of the Provost has worked with a variety of units to add workflows to automate the flow of changes of major, changes of grade and course substitutions and create real-time dashboards that show current course enrollments and predict the eventual sizes of classes and campus population.

Working with a team of three undergraduates we also developed Peay Mobile, Austin Peay's app for the iPhone and Android. Peay Mobile is a great way to stay in touch with everything going on on campus providing sports scores, information about concerts, societies and other events, even the menu today in the various campus dining venues. In the latest release, students can even download their class schedules rand contact their faculty right from their phone.

Our latest addition is our Course Recommendation System, that helps pair a student with courses that best fit their talents and program of study for upcoming semesters. This system akin to Pandora, Amazon or Netflix employs a  grade prediction model that  combines hundreds of thousands of past course grades to make each individualized recommendation.

We are  truly letting technology play its part in our High-Tech - High-Touch campus community.