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E-Dossiers and Faculty Review

  • All tenure-track faculty members and those seeking promotion must submit e-dossiers in Desire2Learn; a link to TBR's Desire2Learn website is provided under "Other Helpful Resources".

All Tenure-Track and Promotion Faculty

Log-in to e-Dossier (via Desire2Learn)

  • Do not alter the layout, colors, and labels of the e-dossier - these are standardized per policy 5:060.
  • Existing Desire2Learn users: use current username and password.
  • New Desire2Learn users: contact Center for Extended and Distance Education for a username and password.

Reviewing E-dossiers in Desire2Learn

Log-in to e-Dossier (via Desire2Learn)


  • Start early, especially creating the PDFs required.  Maintaining materials for your e-dossier should be a year-round process.
  • Ensure you can log-into your 2014-2015 e-dossier.
  • If needed, ask for help early and often.
  • Remember that evaluations at APSU are cumulative; sorting new and previous materials in the e-dossier per academic year will help create a continuing record of achievement for retention, tenure, and promotion actions.
  • Use the last-minute checklist for final guidance.

Methods of Creating PDF documents (required for e-dossiers)

  • From Electronic Formats:
    • Adobe Acrobat Professional
      • Available to department for ~$40-$50, contact Office of Information Technology
    • Online resources such as
    • Other software available commercially (or free)
  • From Paper Documents:
    • Paper documents can be scanned to PDF using a number of copiers / scanners on campus. 

Policies Documents on Retention, Tenure and Promotion

For interpretation of existing policy related to faculty evaluation or for technology questions (RTP for Professors Only):


For discipline-specific questions:

  • Consult your department chair, mentor, and/or senior faculty in your department