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Steering Committee Officers



Chair - Kathleen Evans (email)
Treasurer - David Davenport (email)
Secretary - Yonette Martin  


Chair - Carol Bennett
Treasurer - Robin Wilford
Secretary - Yonette Martin


Chair - Beulah Oldham
Treasurer - Brenda Cusic
Secretary - Reggie Wooden

Standing Committee Members Social


Bonding & Professional Networking

Beulah Oldham (Chair), Eloise Chambers, Sue Fort, Feleesha Johnson, Chinyere McGruder, Yonette Martin, Carl Moseley  

Political Action & Campus Advocacy

Lantz Biles (Chair), David Davenport, Alvin Hughes, Sheila Bryant  

Professional Support & Research Partnership

(Chair - Vacant), Joyce Hargrove, Gail Robinson-Oturu  

Student Support & Mentoring

(Chair), Joyce Hargrove, Kathleen Evans, Richard Jackson, David Davenport, Yonette Martin



Kathleen Evans (Chair), Richard Jackson, Beulah Oldham, Gail Robinson-Oturu, Yonette Martin

International Night

Beulah Oldham, Yonette Martin

Spring Play

Kathleen Evans (Chair), Richard Jackson, Yonette Martin, Marcus Hayes  

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