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African-American Studies Program

The African-American Studies Program offers an opportunity for students to explore and broaden their cultural awareness and appreciation of the African-American experiences from a historical, traditional and contemporary perspective.

The program offers an in-depth examination and provides a standard body of literature on African-American experiences in order to promote a well-rounded education and a greater appreciation of cultural diversity and heritage.

The program explores the struggles, perils, oppression, injustices, perseverance, achievements, contributions and acts of heroism of African-Americans.

Designed as a minor consisting of 18 credit hours, the African-American Studies Program is interdisciplinary in that students choose from a wide variety of stimulating courses that cross departmental lines.


Contact Information:

Location: Clement Building 318
Tele: (931) 221-7106
Fax: (931) 221-7104
P.O. Box 4777