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African-American Staff, Administrators and Faculty

We, the members of the Association of African-American Staff, Administrators, and Faculty (AASAF) at Austin Peay State University, recognize the importance of having and maintaining an atmosphere of congeniality, collegiality, and professional development in the enhancement and promotion of success of African-American students, faculty, administrators, and staff at the university. Our goal is to promote the social and cultural dimensions of African American history, heritage and culture as it relates to education. AASAF is committed to addressing issues related to the recruitment and retention of African-American faculty and staff; addressing issues of retention and graduation of African-American students; actively serving as mentors and role models for students; promoting unity and community among our members; and partnering with APSU's African-American community organizations.

It is our belief that fulfillment of such a need can best be addressed through the organized efforts of members of the African-American community who are committed to the perpetuation of academic, cultural, and social activities which promote collective empowerment of African-Americans at all levels of the university; and which promote positive professional outcomes and experiences for the ultimate benefit of African-Americans on the campus. The purpose of this organization is to:

  • Assure an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion of the African-American community at Austin Peay State University through campus awareness and advocacy activities;
  • Provide a professional support network system for African-American staff, administrators, and faculty in order to enhance their level of achievement in the delivery of designated job duties, and in their execution of scholarly research and other professional endeavors;
  • Provide an ongoing support mechanism for the university's African-American students by being effective role models and mentors;
  • Assist in the creation of ongoing programs, special opportunities, and other initiatives that seek to continuously recruit and retain African-American faculty, administrators, staff, and students at the university; and
  • Develop and promote socio-cultural activities that provide substantive interactions between all segments of the African-American community at the university.