Technology Resources
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Technology Resources



To provide access to technology resources to support APSU students’ academic progression, as well as completion to graduation.

Available Technology Resources

Check-Out/Check-In Procedures


Requirements for Checking-Out Technology Equipment:

-Allow WNDAACC staff to make a copy of APSU student ID to attach to check-out documentation.

-Need a copy of student’s class schedule.

-Students must completely fill out forms provided by the WNDAACC.

During your possession of technology equipment:

-DO NOT copy and/or alternate software on technology.

-DO NOT loan or share technology equipment to anyone. You are the only person allowed to use the technology.

Requirements for Technology Equipment Check-In:

-MUST be returned to the Center on the last day of classes (Denoted on checkout form).

-Must be in GOOD condition when returned.

- If a student damages or loses equipment they must pay to repair/replace equipment.

***NOTE: If these terms are not met, you will have a hold on your account until paid for. Also, you will not be able to check-out any equipment for the duration of your attendance at APSU.***