Administrative Assistant
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 leonardaAdministrative Assistant... because
full-time, multi-tasking ninja
is not an actual job title!      

     Friendly, thoughtful & kind, passionate, hardworking… those are just some of the words that describe Angie Leonard. She is our Administrative Assistant and queen of the center!

When she is not hard at work in the center, you will find her with three of her most favorite people: her husband, Jeremy and their two sons: Landon and Liam and her favorite 4 legged creature: Abbie! She is our 3 year old adopted bird-dog!

Angie enjoys PINTEREST and being crafty. As well as, cooking, reading, listening to music (of all kinds), cheering on the Nashville Predators, bible journaling, organizing (just about a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g!), painting and being creative, etc…

She currently serves as a 2017-2018 representative for

Angie is so thankful for the opportunity to work with all the students/staff here at APSU and is working on completing her second year on staff.

Don't be a stranger, stop by & say "Hey!"



"B e  t h e  c h a n g e  y o u  w i s h  t o  s e e  i n  t h e  w o r l d!" - G h a n d i