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The following artwork has been purchased by the Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center, or donated by various entities and is displayed throughout the Center. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members are welcome to come by and enjoy the artwork during regular operation hours.


Item #129 "Black Ink, Blue Collar," by Miesha N. Arnold

Item #128 "Untitled," by Taylor Ewert
Item #129 "Diversity" by Soledad O’BrienItem #131 "Diversity" Donated by the 2014 Unity Keynote Speaker Soledad O’Brien
Item #130
"Fail Forward" Signature Piece Donated by Miesha Arnold
Item #127
"Samburu Sunshine, Ginda Simpson" Donated by Dr. Chester Little and Debbie Little
Item #126
Donated by Dr. Chester Little and Debbie Little
Item #125
Donated by Dr. Chester Little and Debbie Little
Item #124
"Single Mother" by Miesha Arnold
Donated by Miesha Arnold
Item #123
"Unitled II" by Miesha Arnold
Item #26
Light Brown wood frame photo with Black and White military photo
newpaper article
Item #25
"A Young Man Apart, A World Apart" by Dr. Brian Johnson
Item #18
"I have a Dream That Yes We Can" Poem by Myranda Angelique Harrison  
Posey picture
Item #103
Multi-colorerd mask "Untitled" by Marvin Posey  
On loan from Felix G. Woodward Library
Item #101
"Old School," Man playing sax, bass, and another playing a wood instrument. Multi-colored painting on white canvas. 
By Marvin Posey
Donated by Posey Family
Item #90
"Evening Jazz," one man playing,one man playing drums, and oneplaying the bass. By Marvin Posey.
Donated by Posey Family
Item #88
"Solo Sax" by Marvin Posey
Donated by Posey Family 
Item #67
Proclamation Rev. Wilbur N. Daniel Week inframe    
Item #72
A home in black and white Benevolent Order Number 210's collections Karl meiriman
Item #117
Picture of a Map of American Slavery
Item #118
Picture of a Map of American Slavery withanother picture of Abraham Lincoln
wooden art work
Item #50
Thick necklace with balls, shells, and animals
art work
Item #49
Metal Statue of the country Africa
art work
Item #51
Statue of a giraffe
Item #56
African man with orange hair wearing a wrap carrying a spear with two bracelets on wrist and upper arm.
Item #55
African woman wearing wrap dress weaving a basket carrying fruit on her back
Item #58
African woman wearing multi-colored wrap with a blue and black scarf with orangeand black head wrap
Item #57
Male warrior in feathered crown wearing a wrap and holding a staff
Five Children (Black and White)
Item #3
"Five Children," Black and White photo. "Lost Boys of Sudan Collection - JOK 0003" by Manyang Jok
Moon Man
Item #11
"John 10:11,"
Large Standing Brown Wood Sculpture with Silver Metal Shepherds Hooks. By Howard Brown
Blue mask
Item #1
Large Blue Mask
Item #22
AA Women with Babies on backand carrying baskets on head painting.
Study Abroad Gift
Item #33
Light Brown Female Fertility Statue
NAACP Charter
Item #68
NAACP College Chapter plaque
A Revolution
Item #60
APSU Resolution with Seal
Misesha N. Arnold Work
Item #7
"Untitled," Piano Keys with AA woman dancing painting. By Miesha Arnold
Gun on Ororo
Item #10
"Gun on Ororo," 3 boys, cow, AK 47 color picture "Lost Boys of Sudan Collection- JOK 0032" Manyang Jok
Turkana Smile Man
Item #8
"Turkana Smile Man," Black and Brown Mask "Lost Boys of Sudan Collection- MAK 0107" By James Deng Mabil
Item #9
"Butterfly," Gold, Pink, and Blue Mask "Lost Boys of Sudan Collection- JDM 0018" by James Makuac
Sister Souljah Speaks picture
Item #37
Black and White Sister Souljah autographed picture
Black and White unity picture
Item #39  
Black and White face of two figures (brotherhood-donated to the AACC in Jan. 1992).
Creative Picture/ Black and Gold FrameItem #36
Multi colored Afro-Centric, computer generated picture.
BLACK AND WHITE Picture of Little BoyItem #35
Sketch of a Toddler standing in the doorway with a pot (Black and White)
Daniel MatshidisoItem #85
Daniel Matshidiso: male mask, his pitureand biography
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. WeekItem #84
Proclamation Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Week
Three picture artworkItem #42
3 pieces canvas painting(Multicolored).
Figure 8Item #71
Ida B. Wells and son
Figure 7Item #69
George Washiongton Carver
Figure 6Item #66
Older gentlemen in brown suit sitting on a chair.
Figure 5Item #65
Martin Luther King Jr.
Figure 4Item #64
Fredrick Douglass
Figure 3Item #63
Rosa Parks
Figure 2Item #62
Harriet Tubman
Figure 1Item #61
Older woman in a hat and old fashion dress.
11Item #15
Small African African Head Sculpture
10Item #23
Small Black and Dark Brown African carryingitems on head
9Item #16
Small African Ivory colored
8Item #14
Small African Black cloth Dollwearing red, blue, white, brown colored garments
7Item #24
Small round Black and Gold mask with colored beading.
6Item #13
Small Dark Brown African Female
5 Item #32
Small African Dark Brown TribalSculpture
4Item #34 
Small Shiny BlackMale Playing drums squatting position
Item #108
African Female with traditional
head dress all carved out of a dark
2Item #21
Small African Black cloth Doll wearing Brown and Green garments
HeadItem #44
A wooden log carved in the shape of a face.
MapItem #87
Cloth of Africa and her countries
NewItem #73
Black and Gold writing presented by Sal & PatRinalla
StatueItem #60
A woman carrying a bowl on top of her head 
ArtItem #43
A collage of designs that create a man'sface (Beige and White)
ArtItem #74
White frame surrounding a canvas painting of a African woman holding a camel
FarmerItem #40
Black and White sharecropping farm with people in the field
Martin Luther KingItem #119
Picture of MLK
Item #112
Wood clock in the shape of Africa with
countries written on it.
Item #5
Large male holding drum
(Dedicated to Rev. Wilbur N.
Daniel in 1993).
ArtItem #120 
Multi-colored picture of a football and other things
ThinkerItem #113
Black and White sketch of a woman sitting in a chair thinking.
Woman SoldierItem #4
Female Buffalo Solider Painting.
SculptureItem #41
Wooden Statue of a woman holding a bird, with two youths on either arm.
SundayItem #114
Pictue with black women walking into a gatewith umbrellas and baskets.
WomenItem #115
Picture with 5 African women sitting side by side with traditional clothing.
DancersItem #116
Picture with 8 African American dancers with arms spread as if they are flying, with a signature on the bottom right hand corner.
African womenItem #121
An African woman with a white head dress on
Malcom XItem #111 
Light Brown wood with a picture of Malcolm X
Art GalleryItem #6
Three AA boys doing school work painting.
 Item #28
Medium Round Black & Brown maskwith beading and 2 Sea Shells on forehead
 Item #17
Small flat two-tone light and darkBrown African Male Head
 Item #27
Medium African wood mask with lightand brown coloring.
 Item #22
Small black African statue with big head and small body.
 Item #31
Small ligh and dark brown half femalesculpture
Item #20
Small brown African statue

Item #122
John 14:26 by Howard Brown. Donated by Howard Brown
Item #30
Small dark brown oval mask with red,white, black, and grey pictures.
Item #75
APSU Nation Pan-Hellenic Counicl Chapter Chartering Dates
Item #79
Omega Psi Phi  Fraternity Inc.
Item #82
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.
Item #83
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.
Item #77
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.
Item #78
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.
Item #76
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.
Item #80
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.
Item #81
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.
Item #52
Asante royal sandals
Item #107
Wooden cane with the continent of
Africa on both sides under handle.
Item #52
Asante royal sandals
Item #54
Beige alligator sandals from Largos West
Africa with a picture and framed description and donation information.
Item #45
Brown and gold clothing 
Item #19
Small brow wooden cup
Item #46
Blue and white dress wearing gold hooped earrings   
Item #47
Multi-colored dressed with head wrap 
Item #110
Wood Box with African carvings game
called Mantalia
Item #104
Mother holding baby
Item #132 
Black Nigerian Male Bust
Item #133
Black Nigerian Female Bust
Item #134
Black Man playing Bass
Donated by the Offices of Alumni Relations and University Advancement
By: Marvin Posey
Item #135
Red Background with Female Legs
Donated by the Offices of Alumni Relations and University Advancement
By: Marvin Posey
Item #136
Jazz Trio
Donated by the Offices of Alumni Relations and University Advancement
By: Marvin Posey
Item #137
By: Khari Turner
Item #138
"Lady Astro"
By: Khari Turner
Item #139
"Broken Woman"
By: Khari Turner