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Achievers & Scholars Initiative

Mentoring African American Males


The purpose of the Achievers & Scholars Initiative is to ensure the academic and personal success of African American males, while increasing the University’s retention and graduation rates for this student population.


The mission of the Achievers & Scholars Initiative is to assist APSU African American males, who are classified as freshmen, to be successful by connecting them to resources at the institution. We plan to be intentional in our efforts to retain these students, ensure their graduation and connect them to graduate school or professional opportunities.

This pilot initiative will be a part of the resources that the Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center provides. Achievers & Scholars will integrate academic, social and supportive components to engage the participants in the APSU community. Resources and incentives will be incorporated in the program to encourage the students’ success.

In addition, the Achievers & Scholars Initiative will immensely assist in the overall recruitment, retention and graduation of the African American male population at APSU. The program will be a semester-long program for APSU African American male freshmen.

Students will be required to engage in at least 80% of mentoring programming  (service project, leadership development, one-on-one meetings with mentor, social activities and academic support).

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  • Students will be paired with a faculty/staff mentor.
  • Students will receive a book stipend to be awarded. (for following Spring, Summer and/or Fall semester.)
  • Students will receive an all-expense paid trip to a Leadership Conference.
  • Students will have an opportunity to meet new friends.

Students will be required to attend mandatory meetings and/or workshops, and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 to receive book stipend.

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